Gourmet Cake Pops

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Birthday Cake

A buttery rich birthday cake with bits of sprinkles frosted with white chocolate

Product Code: 50190
GTIN: 00604235501907
UPC: 604235501907

Chocolate Bliss

A decadent chocolate cake with a rich ganache and chocolate chips dipped in dark chocolate

Product Code: 59013
GTIN: 00604235501884
UPC: 604235501884

Cookies & Cream

A moist chocolate cake with crumbled chocolate cookie bits, dipped in white chocolate and cookie crumbles

Product Code: 50189
GTIN: 00604235501891
UPC: 604235501891

Sea Salt Caramel alternatetext

A moist vanilla cake, luscious caramel bits, and decadent dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt and a sprinkle of cocoa nibs

Product Code: 50194
GTIN: 00604235501945
UPC: 604235501945

Cookie Dough alternatetext

A sweet buttery vanilla cake with chocolate chips dipped in milk and dark chocolates

Product Code: 50193
GTIN: 00604235501938
UPC: 604235501938

Non GMO and Clean Label options available

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